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Friday, January 14, 2011

The dreams of kindergarteners

This afternoon I volunteered in Mo's kindergarten classroom. They were learning about Dr. Martin Luther King. After reading a book and singing a song about him, they worked on posters. The sheets were pre-printed with a line from his famous "I have a dream" speech.

The kids were supposed to add a line about their own dreams for the future. I helped them spell words.

One girl told me that her dream was for her siblings to quit fighting with her. We settled on, "I wish for peace."

But it got more difficult after that.

One little boy kept telling me his dream is to be a "gangsta." I pressed him about why exactly he wanted to be a gangsta. He said, "to make cool music." So I helped him write that he hopes to make nice music for people.

Then I got to Mo.

"What's your dream, Kiddo?"

"I wish for everyone to have magic powers," he said, excited. "And my power will be that I can be invisible!"