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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Odd display of brotherly love

Mo and Curly have been fighting nonstop since we walked in the door this afternoon.

They fought over snacks, TV shows and toys. Curly went to time out twice for screaming his head off. Mo was reduced to tears, twice, which isn't like him.

I was cuddling with Curly on the couch, watching Backyardigans, when I noticed a change in Mo. He went in the kitchen and made some microwave popcorn all by himself.

Then, even more surprisingly, he put it in a large bowl and brought it to us in the living room.

He crouched down to his little brother's level and asked him sweetly, "Do you want some popcorn?"

Curly, as surprised as I was by this peace offering, looked at me questioningly.

Again, Mo asked him in a sugary voice, "Do you want some popcorn?"

A huge smile grew on Curly's face. He tried to nod his head, but having difficulty with that particular motor skill, he jumped to his feet and said, "Yes! Yes!"

Without missing a beat, Mo lifted the bowl up high and dumped all the popcorn over Curly's head.