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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love and heartbreak in Boogerland

Grandma sent the Booger Boys a special Valentine's Day package that arrived Friday. As soon as Mo tore through it, he called Grandma to thank her and tell her she is "awesome!"

Today he ate one of the chocolates Grandma sent. I asked him what it tasted like.

The little man melted my sappy heart when he said, "It tasted like 100 kisses from you, Mom."

Not only did Grandma send plenty of candy, she also sent a few little toys. One was a package of play money. And this morning Dad noticed a wad of toy dollars stuffed into Mo's piggy bank.

When Dad explained that it was fake money, Mo got really upset. He thought Grandma sent him a million bucks!

After that, Mo declared, "Now I think Grandma's only a little awesome."

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  1. Funny! (Can I just say, though, I loathe play money. It ends up everywhere, especially the coins).


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