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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Curly tells me off

Because of Curly's Hirschsprung Disease, he's prone to horrible diaper rash. To make matters worse, he requires more diaper changes than the average bear.

So tonight was a rough night. He has a very sore little bottom.

And now that he's talking a lot better, he decided to tell me exactly what was on his mind. After a bad diaper change - in which he fought me the entire time - he came up to me with this sad little expression.

"Ma, you hurt me. You make me cry."

Go ahead and twist the knife, Little Man.

Just imagine if he could've talked during his surgeries and his seven months of dilations. I have a good idea of what he would have said -- or yelled -- at us.

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  1. I feel ya...

    We've done so much to our little lady to "help" her through her Hirschsprung Disease troubles that I've actually decided we might need to visit with a child psychologist.


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