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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A lesson in sore bottoms

Every kid has diaper rash at some point. We used A&D for Mo, and he usually cleared right up.

Curly's a different story.

I knew that with his Hirschsprung disease diagnosis, Curly would have diaper rash problems, especially right after his colostomy was reversed and he had pull-through surgery. But two years later, it's still a problem, especially when he's having tummy trouble. I know it's par for the course when you don't have your entire colon, but it continues to be a learning experience.

Sorry if I sound like a complainer, but this is what the last week's been like:
  • Physically restraining the little guy as he thrashes, kicks and cries to avoid diaper changes
  • Watching him walk with stiff legs and stand while he eats, plays, etc., since it's too painful to sit
  • Getting a call to pick him up from day care because his bottom's so sore
  • Trying to clean him any way we could think of - including putting him in the bathtub (he'd stand or kneel but never sit) or putting his little behind right up to the shower head
  • Playing games with him and letting him watch cartoons from the potty, to avoid the Dreaded Diaper Change
  • Consulting on the phone with doctors, nurses and pharmacists
  • Spending a small fortune on diaper creams
  • Watching his bottom go from irritated red, to fire engine red, to bumpy and creeping down his legs, to dark purple and then finally fading
I'm pleased to report he's worlds better now. At diaper change time, he's a different kid - laying down nicely and flinging his little feet in the air.

With all the meds we've tried, it's hard to say what did the trick - or maybe it was just that his tummy bug subsided. But I'm forever grateful to the Hirschsprung moms who gave me advice on Facebook during this whole ordeal. You ladies are an invaluable resource, and I can't thank you enough!