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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mo outsmarts the Leprechauns

I thought I'd be cute and leave some green sprinkles on the counter (Leprechaun poop!) and die the milk green (those pesky guys!) last night after the Booger Boys were in bed.

This morning I expected the kids to get a big kick out of the whole thing. Mo's Kindergarten teacher had the whole class make Leprechaun traps earlier this week, and the kids went crazy when they found the messes and "gold" the tiny green guys left behind.

Apparently I'm not nearly as clever as I think.

Mo took one look at the "poop" and said, "Those are just sprinkles, Mom."

He laughed about the milk, but then added, "I guess the Leprechauns found the food coloring in the cabinet."

Curly just looked at it and said, "Me not like green milkie. Icky!"

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