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Monday, March 28, 2011

Well Dressed (little) Man

As you probably gathered, Mo dresses himself. And I'm his biggest supporter. Unless it's inappropriate for the weather, I let him wear whatever he darn well pleases.

I did, however, drop a hint that picture day at school was coming up - noting that it would be great if he could put on something special the following morning.

He didn't disappoint.

At first glance, what a sharp young man! He picked out a dress shirt from Lands End in the perfect shade of blue to bring out his beautiful eyes.

And then I took a closer look.

He paired the nice shirt with some black sweat pants and rolled-down blaze orange socks.

Maintaining my laissez-faire wardrobe philosophy, I bit my tongue and politely asked if he might consider putting on a nicer pair of pants. Khakis, cords, even jeans?

He didn't even look up from his cartoons to reply: "You can only see from here [putting a hand on his lower-chest] and up in the picture."

Touche, Little Man.

Go forth with your sweat pants and orange socks - and nice blue dress shirt. I'm sure your school pictures will be adorable.

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  1. He would make a perfect TV news anchor. It wasn't unusual for us to be dressed nice from the waist up and be wearing jeans!!


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