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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Recovering from a rough week

No funny stories today. I just haven’t been feelin’ it lately. That’s probably why I’ve all but abandoned this blog.

If anyone’s still out there reading, here’s the scoop: Curly got sick last week. Real sick. And Dad was on the other side of the country for business. And I got pretty rattled.

At first I kept thinking Curly was getting better.

Sure, he’d had a low-grade fever for two days, but then it was gone. But the next day the fever came back. But then it was gone again.

Sure, he had diarrhea. But he gets diarrhea all the time.

After four days of this, I called the doctor’s office to speak with a nurse. I figured they’d call in a prescription or maybe ask to see him in clinic. That’s how it usually goes.

When I finally caught the nurse on the phone – we’d been playing phone tag – she asked me about the bad poops. In the two hours since I’d first called her, he’d had four explosions. That and the fever and the fact that he hadn’t had a wet diaper since Saturday (it was Wednesday) …

“We can admit him to the hospital or you can take him to the ER,” she said. “But if he goes to the ER, we’ll just admit him anyway. So save yourself a step and bring him right to the hospital. We’re getting his bed ready now.”

Suddenly I had to figure out what to do with Mo. Where would he sleep? Who could get him back and forth to school? Should I even bother sending him to school?

Leaving Curly alone at the hospital was unthinkable – he’s a mama’s boy to begin with. And the little guy was so sick and barely even three years old. He needed his mom! And for my part, I needed to know exactly what was going on with him, ASAP.

Without question, if Curly was sleeping at the hospital, I was sleeping at the hospital.

I did a horrid job packing. But that’s what Target’s for. (There's a Target right by the hospital.)

Our friends all stepped up to care for Mo, and many others offered their help.

Curly got on IV fluids and heavy-duty antibiotics. After one explosive diaper, he started having wet ones again – thank goodness. He started looking better. He couldn’t eat for 24+ hours and they kept him hospitalized three days/two nights. But he’s OK. We’re all OK.

His doctor told me that even after the bad part of the colon is removed from Hirschsprung kids, about 30 percent have ongoing issues with potentially life-threatening infections (enterocolitis) until they’re about six. He said, “If this is his first hospitalization since his surgeries, I’d say were doing pretty good.”

The only thing that made me feel "good" was knowing that we’ll only have to worry about enterocolitis for three more years.


  1. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how stressful, terrifying, and overwhelming that must have been on your own. I'm glad Curly's feeling better though!

  2. You poor thing. Please don't hesitate to call if you ever need anything. Glad to hear everyone is safe and healthy.

  3. Thanks Jessica! And right back at ya - I'm happy to help if you ever need anything.

  4. Obviously there's not much I can do from you all the way in Australia, but we're praying for you and the family - for continued good health and both physical and emotional strength. Take care, old friend. Jen

  5. Thanks Jen, that's very sweet of you!


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