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Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday: Making everyone happy

I'm feeling a little nostalgic now that Curly's (almost, almost) potty trained and rarely takes naps anymore.

Got to thinking about how I used to handle those frustrating times when I'd finally get Curly down and then Mo would wake him up -- and then he'd do it again, and again. Nothing like wasting two hours of your day just trying to get your kid to nap.

Eventually I got creative so that we all ended up with what we wanted.

I'd pack us all in the car -- giving Curly his blankie and a bottle. I'd bribe Mo to stay totally quiet, and as soon as Curly feel asleep we'd pull into the nearest McDonalds drive thru. I'd get coffee and he'd get a lemonade or yogurt parfait. Then I'd find a nice construction site and park.

Mo was then allowed to sit next to me in the passenger seat. He'd eat his yogurt and watch the diggers and dump trucks. I'd turn on my book-on-CD and sip my coffee.

And everybody was happy.