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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Curly's Halloween costume

I'm a sucker for group Halloween costumes. Must have started the year my college roommates and I dressed as KISS. We looked awesome.

Last year Curly and Mo masqueraded as Mario and Luigi. It was a hoot.

This year - after watching the movie and seeing a live performance of The Wizard of Oz - I thought PERFECT.

I can be Dorothy. Dad wants to be the Scarecrow. Mo loves robots and gladly offered to dress up as the Tin Man.

So Curly can be the Cowardly Lion. Right? Wouldn't that be adorable?

Well, Curly doesn't think so.

How about Toto? Or a munchkin? Perhaps the Wizard himself.

Nope. Nada. No way, silly Mama.

What does Curly want to be for Halloween? Sticking with the Wizard of Oz theme, of course...

Curly wants to be the tornado. Yep, the tornado.

Good thing we have a few weeks here. Any creative types out there, don't be shy. I could use some ideas, people.