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Since this blog was active, we moved overseas and back again. Now you can read about the boogers' latest adventures at www.boogersabroad.com.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big changes in Boogerland

Wow. A whole month since my last post.

And let me tell you, a lot can happen in a month!

Here's what's up in Boogerland:
  • Dad got promoted. He works his butt off and he's super-smart, so I wasn't surprised. He's earned it and we're so proud of him!
  • I quit my corporate job of 10+ years. It was hard leaving the people, and I really miss them. But I hadn't been happy with the job itself for a while. This was a long time coming - and with my husband's overwhelming support and encouragement, I finally had the guts to give my notice.
  • We took Curly out of day care and Mo out of his before-school  program. We've had the same amazing day care lady since Mo was three-months old. When Curly was in the NICU she visited almost every day, and she's always been there when we needed her (we don't have any family in town). Of course we keep in touch, but it's a hard change - even though I'm loving the additional time with my boys.
  • I've picked up some freelance writing work that I really enjoy - and will probably look for some more one of these days (when I have time!).
  • My writing partner and I have edited and rewritten our screenplay enough times that we're getting very close to pitching it. This has been a labor of love for the past six months, interviewing and researching the real-life story of an amazing caregiver and the WWII vet she cares for.
  • Oh, and I'm training for my first triathlon.
OK, that ended up being mostly about me! This blog is supposed to be about the Booger Boys. They're as spunky and trouble-seeking as ever. Stay tuned for more. Hopefully it won't take another month for my next post!