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Friday, August 26, 2011


Mo turned six this week, and he starts first grade on Sept. 1.

So what's he up to these days?

He wore polka dot socks and flip flops an entire day last week. He requested a fondue restaurant for his birthday party. And his favorite song is "The Sweater Song" by Weezer.

He's smart and sassy as ever.

For example. The kid's got a mouth on him. I try to stop the "naughty" words (stupid, shut-up, hate, dumb, fat butt, chainsaw-your-head-off) but they just keep a-comin. A friend has been denying her kids the next snack each time they say a bad word. I explained this to Mo. He thought about it quite seriously and then replied: "OK I get it. I can only say bad words when I'm not hungry."

To get to know him better, his first grade teacher sent home a little questionnaire. When asked to name three things he's good at, Mo answers: "Napping. Underwater handstands. And eating popcorn."